Common bile duct obstruction due to candidiasis.

  title={Common bile duct obstruction due to candidiasis.},
  author={Dirk Domagk and Guido Bisping and Christopher Poremba and Wolfgang Fegeler and Wolfram W. Domschke and Josef Menzel},
  journal={Scandinavian journal of gastroenterology},
  volume={36 4},
Biliary obstruction with its wide range of potential causes (e.g. neoplastic lesions, gallstones and inflammatory processes) is a common disease in gastroenterology. Although infections with Candida and other fungal species have increasingly been recognized in patients with certain predispositions, fungal involvement of the biliary tract is extremely rare. We report the case of a male patient with a past history of long-time mechanical ventilation and who was referred to our department with… CONTINUE READING

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