Common and stage-specific antigens of Theileria annulata.

  title={Common and stage-specific antigens of Theileria annulata.},
  author={M. Kachani and Robert A. Oliver and C. G. Duncan Brown and H Ouhelli and Roger L. Spooner},
  journal={Veterinary immunology and immunopathology},
  volume={34 3-4},
Western blot analysis of Theileria annulata antigens was carried out using sera collected from cattle which had been immunised and challenged with either T. annulata sporozoites or schizont-infected cells. Three antigens between 71 and 73 kDa proved to be common to the three stages of parasite studied: sporozoites, schizonts and piroplasms. An antigen was found at 32 kDa which was specific to T. annulata piroplasms. Results were reproducible using sera from Morocco and the UK. At least one of… CONTINUE READING