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Common Language Runtime : a new virtual machine

  title={Common Language Runtime : a new virtual machine},
  author={Jo{\~a}o Augusto Martins Ferreira},
Virtual Machines provide a runtime execution platform combining bytecode portability with a performance close to native code. An overview of current approaches precedes an insight into Microsoft CLR (Common Language Runtime), comparing it to Sun JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and to a native execution environment (IA 32). A reference is also made to CLR in a Unix platform and to techniques on how CLR improves code execution. 

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Technical Overview of the Common Language Runtime
The technical details of the CLI are briefly described and a comparison is made with the Java virtual machine (JVM), making it a much more difficult target for languages other than Java. Expand
Runtime Code Generation with JVM and CLR
This work shows how to introduce C#-style delegates in Java using runtime code generation, to avoid most of the overhead of wrapping and unwrapping method arguments and method results usually incurred by reflective method calls, and gives a high-speed implementation of the Advanced Encryption Standard in C#. Expand
The Java Virtual Machine Specification
This second edition specifies the newest version of the Java virtual machine and provides a fascinating view into the inner workings of theJava 2 platform. Expand
NET Common Language Runtime Unleashed
This book will take the reader beyond the syntax of C# to using and understanding the CLR to build secure, maintainable, and high performance applications. Expand
Binary translation
Two binary translators are among the migration tools available for Alpha AXP computers: VEST translates OpenV MS VAX binary images to OpenVMS A XP images; mx translates ULTRIX MIPS images to DEC OSF/1 AXP images. Expand
A first version of UNCOL
  • T. Steel
  • Computer Science, Chemistry
  • IRE-AIEE-ACM '61 (Western)
  • 1961
UNCOL is designed to cope with only those problem language and machine language characteristics that can reasonably be expected to enjoy general use in the next decade, and any broader approach shows promise of leading to elegant, impractical results. Expand
Silicion Virtual Machines
  • Proceedings ICCA'03, Departamento de Informática, Universidade do Minho
  • 2003
Chris: Essential .NET, Volume 1: The Common Language Runtime
  • Chris: Essential .NET, Volume 1: The Common Language Runtime
  • 2002
Essential .NET, Volume 1: The Common Language Runtime
  • Addison Wesley,
  • 2002
Kevin: NET Common Language Runtime Unleashed
  • Kevin: NET Common Language Runtime Unleashed
  • 2002