Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (caep)

  • Published 2007


Under the auspices of the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen), the U.S. has adopted a five-pillar strategy to effectively address aviation environmental impacts. This strategy is designed to characterize issues and problems, develop well informed solutions and manage their effectiveness to meet environmental targets in a verifiable manner. The elements of this five-pillar strategy are: (1) advance scientific understanding and improve integrated noise, emissions, and fuel efficiency analyses capability; (2) advance and accelerate maturation of clean, quiet, and energy efficient aircraft technologies; (3) develop and qualify aviation alternative fuels; (4) develop and implement clean, quiet, and energy efficient operational procedures; and finally (5) policy, environmental standards and market-based options. These efforts, though focused on domestic issues, also support the work program of CAEP. This paper provides CAEP Members and Observers a summary of the progress being made in the various areas.

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