Commitment, Theories and Typologies

  title={Commitment, Theories and Typologies},
  author={Christopher R. Agnew},

The Effect of Motivation and Commitment of Taxpayer Toward Tax Compliance and Empirical Studies Tax Amnesty as Moderating Variable (A Survey on Tax Service Center Kudus Branch)

This research has purpose to analyze Motivation and Commitment of Taxpayer toward the Tax Compliance of Taxpayer on Tax Service Center (KPP) Kudus branch and Empirical Studies Tax Amnesty as

The relationship between commitment to the marital relation and the parenting style parents of Lebanese school aged children

M.A. -- Faculty of Humanities, Notre Dame University, Louaize, 2019; "A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Educational Psychology";

The Influence of Social Factors, Trust, Website Quality, and Perceived Risk on Repurchase Intention in E-Commerce

In recent years, internet shopping has become a culture to fulfill their needs, goods, and services. Many users of e-commerce services can be a chance to develop new business models, although the

Hotels’ Green Practices Adoption: Determinants and Top Managers’ Environmental Commitment

This study aims to examine the mediating effects of top managers’ environmental commitment (EC) between three key variables (i.e., subjective norms, perceived benefits, and environmental knowledge)


This study constituted an analysis of an ideal marriage in the novel published in 2018. The significant components of the marriage relationship found in the novel that could be categorized into an

Revitalizing Cooperative Human Resources: An Education and Perspective Analysis, Study at Medan Municipal City; Indonesia

Main conclusion of our first year research in Medan Municipal city is, Revitalizing Cooperatives, has to be start by revitalizing cooperatives’ human resources. In second year of our   research, we

Influence of Gender Role Attitude, Quality of Alternatives, Investment Size, and Commitment on Marital Satisfaction between Thai Women Who Married Thai Men and Thai Women Who Married Foreign Men

Gender role attitude, quality of alternatives, investment size, commitment, and marital satisfaction were measured and compared between Thai women who married Thai men and Thai women who married




SUMMARY This article addresses the issue of commitment and its importance in developing and sustaining an enriching relationship. The author describes commitment, its dynamics, and its implications

Marital cohesiveness and dissolution: An integrative review.

Marriage is considered as a special instance of social groups in general. Marital cohesiveness and divorce are viewed in terms of the properties of group cohesiveness. It is suggested, therefore,

Commitment and its theorized determinants: A meta–analysis of the Investment Model

We conducted a meta-analysis of Rusbult’s Investment Model of commitment. Across 52 studies, including 60 independent samples and 11,582 participants, satisfaction with, alternatives to, and

The Social Psychology of Groups

The Social Psychology of Groups. J. W Thibaut & H. H. Kelley. New York: alley, 1959. The team of Thibaut and Kelley goes back to 1946 when, after serving in different units of the armed services

Being Committed: Affective, Cognitive, and Conative Components of Relationship Commitment

This article presents the first systematic empirical examination of the state of relationship commitment as advanced by Rusbult and her colleagues, defining the state in terms of affective,

Cognitive Interdependence: Commitment and the Mental Representation of Close Relationships

On the basis of an interdependence analysis, it is proposed that commitment to a close relationship is associated with cognitive interdependence—a mental state characterized by a pluralistic,

The Tripartite Nature of Marital Commitment: Personal, Moral, and Structural Reasons to Stay Married

This study assesses the empirical viabilihy of Johnson's (1991) commitment framework. The core principle is that commitment, rather than a unitary phenomenon, involves three distinct experiences:

A Longitudinal Test of the Investment Model: The Development (and Deterioration) of Satisfaction and Commitment in Heterosexual Involvements

A longitudinal study of heterosexual dating relationships tested investment model predictions regarding the process by which satisfaction and commitment develop (or deteriorate) over time. Increases

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Duty toward whom? Reconsidering attractions and barriers as determinants of commitment in a relationship

  • Handbook of interpersonal commitment and relationship stability
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