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Commissioning of the PADME experiment with a positron beam

  title={Commissioning of the PADME experiment with a positron beam},
  author={Pietro Albicocco and R. Assiro and Fabio Bossi and Paolo Branchini and Bruno Buonomo and Vittoria Capirossi and Eleonora Capitolo and Cesidio Capoccia and Anna Paola Caricato and Sergio Ceravolo and Gabriele Chiodini and Giovanni Corradi and Riccardo de Sangro and Claudio Di Giulio and Danilo Domenici and F. Ferrarotto and S. Fiore and Giuseppe Finocchiaro and Luca Gennaro Foggetta and Andre Frankenthal and M. Garattini and G. Georgiev and Federica Giacchino and Andrea Ghigo and Paola Gianotti and F. Gontad and Felice Iazzi and Simeon Ivanov and Svetoslav Cvetanov Ivanov and Venelin Kozhuharov and Emanuele Leonardi and E. C. Long and M. Martini and Matthew C. Martino and A. Miccoli and I. Oceano and F. Oliva and Giovanni Organtini and Federico Pinna and Gabriele Piperno and C. Pinto and M. Raggi and F. Safai Tehrani and Alessandro Saputi and I. Sarra and Barbara Sciascia and Radoslav Simeonov and Tommaso Spadaro and Stefania Spagnolo and Eleuterio Spiriti and Diego Tagnani and Ludmil Todorov Tsankov and C. Taruggi and P. Valente and Alessandro Variola and Ecr Frascati and Frascati and Italy and Infn sez. di Lecce and Lecce and 3 INFNsez.Roma and Roma and di Torino and Infn sez. Torino and Torino and Dip. Mat. e Fisica Salento Univ. and 1 INFNsez.Roma and Rom{\'e} and Enea C. R. Frascati and Physics Dep. Princeton Univ. and Princeton and Usa and Inrne Bulgarian Accademy of Science and Sof{\'i}a and Bulgaria. and Sofia University St.Kliment Ohridski and Dip. Mat. e Fisica Salento Univ. and Dsi Marconi Univ.},
: The PADME experiment is designed to search for a hypothetical dark photon 𝐴 (cid:48) produced in positron-electron annihilation using a bunched positron beam at the Beam Test Facility of the INFN Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati. The expected sensitivity to the 𝐴 (cid:48) -photon mixing parameter 𝜖 is 10 − 3 , for 𝐴 (cid:48) mass ≤ 23.5 MeV/ 𝑐 2 after collecting ∼ 10 13 positrons-on-target. This paper presents the PADME detector status after commissioning in July 2019. In addition, the… 


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