Commissioning of the BRIKEN detector for the measurement of very exotic β-delayed neutron emitters

  title={Commissioning of the BRIKEN detector for the measurement of very exotic $\beta$-delayed neutron emitters},
  author={A. Tolosa-Delgado and J. Agramunt and J.L. Tain and A. Algora and C{\'e}sar Domingo-Pardo and A.I. Morales and B. Rubio and Ariel Tarife{\~n}o-Saldivia and F. Calvi{\~n}o and G. Cortes and N. T. Brewer and Bertis C. Rasco and Krzysztof P. Rykaczewski and D. W. Stracener and J. M. Allmond and Robert K. Grzywacz and R. Yokoyama and M. Singh and T. King and Miguel Madurga and S. Nishimura and Vi Ho Phong and Shintaro Go and J. Liu and Keishi Matsui and H. Sakurai and G{\'a}bor Gy. Kiss and T. Isobe and H. Baba and S. Kubono and N. Fukuda and Deuk Soon Ahn and Yohei Shimizu and T. Sumikama and H. Suzuki and H. Takeda and P-A. Soderstrom and Maya Takechi and Carlo Giulio Bruno and T. Davinson and Christopher James Griffin and O. Hall and D. Kahl and Philip J. Woods and Patrick J. Coleman-Smith and M. Labiche and I. H. Lazarus and P. S. Morrall and V. F. E. Pucknell and Jill Simpson and S. L. Thomas and Mark Lyndon Prydderch and L.J. Harkness-Brennan and Robert D. Page and Iris Dillmann and R. Caballero-Folch and Y. Saito and Alfredo Estrade and Neeraj Nepal and Fernando Montes and Giuseppe Lorusso and J Felix Liang and S Bae and Jang Ho Ha and B. Moon and the Briken collaboration},
  journal={Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment},

Performance of HAGRID array in beta delayed neutron emission measurements

One of the most prevalent decay modes of unstable nuclei is β[beta] decay. For nuclei far from stability these decays can be followed by the emission of a neutron. The Versatile Array of Neutron

Segmented YSO scintillation detectors as a new β-implant detection tool for decay spectroscopy in fragmentation facilities

Measuring the β-decay Properties of Neutron-rich Exotic Pm, Sm, Eu, and Gd Isotopes to Constrain the Nucleosynthesis Yields in the Rare-earth Region

The β-delayed neutron-emission probabilities of 28 exotic neutron-rich isotopes of Pm, Sm, Eu, and Gd were measured for the first time at RIKEN Nishina Center using the Advanced Implantation Detector

BRIKEN measurements of half-lives for Ce to Nd nuclei relevant for the formation of the r-process rare-earth peak (A~160)

The Rare Earth Peak (REP) is a small, but clearly distinctive, peak around mass A 160 in the elemental solar system abundances created by the rapid neutron-capture process (rprocess). Understanding

Observation of a μs isomer in In8549134 : Proton-neutron coupling “southeast” of Sn8250132

We report on the observation of a microsecond isomeric state in the single-proton-hole, three-neutron-particlenucleus134In. The nuclei of interest were produced by in-flight fission of a238U beam at

Strong one-neutron emission from two-neutron unbound states in β decays of the r -process nuclei Ga86,87

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Characterization of a plutonium-beryllium neutron source.

Stellar Nucleosynthesis: Direct Measurement of the Neutron-Capture Cross Sections of Stable Germanium Isotopes and Design of a Next Generation Ion Trap for the Study of Beta-Delayed Neutron Emission

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The BRIKEN Project: Extensive Measurements of β-delayed Neutron Emitters for the Astrophysical r Process

An ambitious program to measure decay properties, primarily β-delayed neutron emission probabilities and half-lives, for a significant number of nuclei near or on the path of the rapid neutron

Conceptual design of a hybrid neutron-gamma detector for study of β-delayed neutrons at the RIB facility of RIKEN

The conceptual design of the BRIKEN neutron detector at the radioactive ion beam factory (RIBF) of the RIKEN Nishina Center is reported. The BRIKEN setup is a complex system aimed at detecting

Hybrid-3Hen - New Detector for Gammas and Neutrons

Recently, a unique detector system for beta-delayed neutron spectros\-copy, Hybrid-3Hen, was constructed and used in an experiment. This detector is a modification of the neutron detector 3Hen array,

The ORNL analysis technique for extracting β-delayed multi-neutron branching ratios with BRIKEN

  • B. RascoN. Brewer A. Estrade
  • Physics
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment
  • 2018

β -decay half-lives and β -delayed neutron emission probabilities for several isotopes of Au, Hg, Tl, Pb, and Bi, beyond N=126

Background: Previous measurements of Beta-delayed neutron emitters comprise around 230 nuclei, spanning from the 8He up to 150La. Apart from 210Tl, with a minuscule branching ratio of 0.07%, no

Delayed-Neutron Branching Ratios of Precursors in the Fission Product Region

Delayed-neutron branching ratios in the fission product region have been tabulated, and average values have been determined. In order to provide data complementary to published values an experiment