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Comments on the subgenera of darters (Percidae) with descriptions of two new species of Etheostoma (Ulocentra) from southeastern United States

  title={Comments on the subgenera of darters (Percidae) with descriptions of two new species of Etheostoma (Ulocentra) from southeastern United States},
  author={Reeve M. Bailey and David A. Etnier},
Bnilry, Rrevr M . nnd Davrrl A. Etniel-. 1988. Cominents on the Subgenera of D a r t ~ n (Per-cirlae) with Description.\ I'roo NPW SppPci(~.\ or E t h e o s t ~ ) t ~ ~ i ~ (Ulocen tra) J'rolr~ Southecut~r~t United States. Mitt. Puhl. MXY. Zool. Untv. M?clzigan, 175:l-48, J'igs. 1-2, pl. 1.-Darters are classified in three genera of which Percinu, with nine subgenera and about 35 species, is the rriost primitive, Ammoc~pta , with two subgenera a r ~ d seven species, is highly adapted to a s:uiti… 

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A new species of darter in the genus Etheostoma (Teleostei: Percidae) and subgenus Nothonotus is described from the upper Tennessee River. The new species closely resembles Etheostoma tippecanoe and

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Two clades of E. raneyi with high bootstrap and decay support that are congruent with localities of specimens from the Little Tallahatchie and Yocona drainages are recovered, suggesting isolation by vicariance as a mode of speciation in fishes restricted to the Upper Coastal Plain.

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The osteology of a discrete group of species within the genus Etheostoma, subgenus Oligoc~hnlus, from the southwestern United States and northern Mexico is provided here, with reference to other darter and percid taxa.

A New Species of the Darter Subgenus Doration (Percidae: Etheostoma) from the Caney Fork River System, Tennessee

Etheostoma akatulo, the Bluemask Darter, is described from upper Caney Fork River System of the middle Cumberland River drainage, Tennessee, and is presently known from four tributaries of Great Falls Reservoir and is listed as federally endangered.

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Reconstruction of character evolution on the hypothesized phylogenetic relationships suggest that previously identified pleisiomorphic character states in darters may actually be derived within Percina.

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Abstract Analysis of 27 standard and truss measurements, 15 meristic characters, and coloration of the Etheostoma pyrrhogaster species complex across its range supported the recognition of two

Ontogeny of the Darter Subgenus Doration with Comments on Intrasubgeneric Relationships

Etheostoma stigmaeum can be distinguished from E. jessiae by postanal melanophore pattern, precocious ontogenetic development, position of melanophores, and length at which fin elements develop, and recognition of E.jessiae as distinct species is warranted based on early life-history characters.

Phylogenetic and Morphological Diversity of the Etheostoma zonistium Species Complex with the Description of a New Species Endemic to the Cumberland Plateau of Alabama

The Blueface Darter is described, which is distributed in the upper Sipsey Fork of the Mobile Basin and the upper portion of the Bear Creek system in the Tennessee River Drainage, and is morphologically differentiated from Etheostoma zonistium by a shallower body, a more elongate nape, a higher number of lateral line scales, aHigher number of transverse scale rows, and differences in coloration.