Comments on Wesley Salmon's ‘science and religion ...’

  title={Comments on Wesley Salmon's ‘science and religion ...’},
  author={Nancy Cartwright},
  journal={Philosophical Studies},
  • N. Cartwright
  • Published 1 February 1978
  • Philosophy
  • Philosophical Studies
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On Hume’s Experimental Atheism
Perhaps few people remember that Wes Salmon’s first publication — which is to be traced back to the year 1951 — deals with the Design Argument of God’s existence.1 At that time Salmon was Instructor
The Design Argument
It seems much less likely that the universe as a whole bears a sufficient resemblance to the products of human design so that it is probable that it, too, is designed, than that this is true of certain things within the universe, such as the human body and its parts.
The Hume Literature for 1978
What follows here will bring the record up to the end of 1978. Readers are invited to inform me of any omissions, and to send me offprints of their own articles. The intention is to maintain a