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Comments on Errors of “A simplified two-body problem in general relativity” by S Hod And Rectification of General Relativity

  title={Comments on Errors of “A simplified two-body problem in general relativity” by S Hod And Rectification of General Relativity},
  author={C. Y. Lo},
  • C. Lo
  • Published 2016
  • Mathematics
Hod claimed to have a method to deal with a simplified two-body problem. The basic error of Hod and the previous researchers is that they failed to see that in general relativity there is no bounded dynamic solution for a two-body problem. A common error is that the linearized equation is considered as always providing a valid approximation in mathematics. However, validity of the linearization is proven only for the static and the stable cases when the gravitational wave is not involved. In a… 


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