Commentary on Ernan McMullin, "The Impact of Newton's Principia on the Philosophy of Science"

  title={Commentary on Ernan McMullin, "The Impact of Newton's Principia on the Philosophy of Science"},
  author={James R. Voelkel},
  journal={Philosophy of Science},
  pages={319 - 326}
I have been asked to comment on Ernan McMullin's paper in my capacity as an historian, and more specifically as specialist on Johannes Kepler. I will thus restrict myself to commenting on its characterization of Kepler's philosophy and methodology, which I think will in no way undermine his broader analysis of Newton's philosophy of science and of the impact of that philosophy on eighteenth-century thinkers. My task is made somewhat unmanageable by my skepticism that a fully coherent and… 
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The discrepancy between the Aristotelian and the Ptolemaic astronomies led many medievals to regard the latter (and mathematical astronomy generally) as no more than a calculational device. This was


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