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Comment on `Relativistic wave-particle duality for spinors'

  title={Comment on `Relativistic wave-particle duality for spinors'},
  author={Carl F. Diether and Iii and Joy Christian},
In a recent paper [1], it has been proposed that relativistic wave–particle duality can be embodied in a relation that shows that the four-velocity of a particle is proportional to the Dirac four-current. In this note we bring out some problems with that idea. In particular, we point out that, in line with existing literature on Einstein-Cartan gravity with torsion, the spin-torsion term should represent negative energy. Moreover, if what is proposed in Eq. (20) of [1] is correct, then the spin… 



Relativistic wave--particle duality for spinors

We propose that relativistic wave–particle duality can be embodied in a relation 〈u〉 = ψ̄γψ/ψ̄ψ, which determines the mean four-velocity of the fermion particle associated with a Dirac wave function.

III and J

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  • 2020

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