Comment on ``Symmetry of Kelvin-wave dynamics and the Kelvin-wave cascade in the T=0 superfluid turbulence''

  title={Comment on ``Symmetry of Kelvin-wave dynamics and the Kelvin-wave cascade in the T=0 superfluid turbulence''},
  author={Victor S L’vov and Sergey V Nazarenko},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We comment on the paper by Sonin [Phys. Rev. B 85, 104516 (2012)] with most statements of which we disagree. We use this option to shed light on some important issues of a theory of Kelvin-wave turbulence, touched on in Sonin's paper, in particular, on the relation between the Vinen spectrum of strong and the L'vov-Nazarenko spectrum of weak turbulence of Kelvin waves. We also discuss the role of explicit calculation of the Kelvin-wave interaction Hamiltonian and ``symmetry arguments'' that… 

Kelvin waves and the decay of quantum superfluid turbulence

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Abu Dhabi workshop in Classical and Quantum turbulence

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