Comment on "modified Coulomb law in a strongly magnetized vacuum".

  title={Comment on "modified Coulomb law in a strongly magnetized vacuum".},
  author={Shangyun Wang},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={99 22},
          228901; author reply 228902
  • Shangyun Wang
  • Published 11 October 2007
  • Physics
  • Physical review letters
In a recent Letter [1], Shabad and Usov studied the electric potential of a charge placed in a strong magnetic field B ≫ B0 ≡ m/e (m is the electron mass and e is its charge), as modified by the vacuum polarization. According to these authors, in the limit B → ∞ the modified potential becomes a Dirac delta function plus a regular background. With this potential they showed that the unboundedness from below of the nonrelativistic hydrogen spectrum is removed. In this Comment, we point out that… 
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