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Comment on "Semiconducting Layered Blue Phosphorus: A Computational Study"

  title={Comment on "Semiconducting Layered Blue Phosphorus: A Computational Study"},
  author={I. Abdolhosseini Sarsari and Zahed Allahyari and M. Alaei and Stefano Sanvito},
  journal={arXiv: Materials Science},
\noindent Using results drawn from the pages of PRL\cite{Zhu2014}, the authors comment on \textquotedblleft Semiconducting Layered Blue Phosphorus: A Computational Study\textquotedblright. In recent letter\cite{Zhu2014} unknown phase of phosphorus with high stability and a wide fundamental gap was proposed by Zhu, and Tom\'anek. The first half of the comment questioned elements of phosphorus blue structure, while the second half devoted to van der Waals forces between AB stacked blue phosphorus… 

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Semiconducting layered blue phosphorus: a computational study.
A previously unknown phase of phosphorus that shares its layered structure and high stability with the black phosphorus allotrope is investigated, which is found to be related to graphite and to exfoliate easily to form quasi-two-dimensional structures suitable for electronic applications.