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Comment on "A path integral leading to higher-order Lagrangians, arXiv:0708.4351 (hep-th)"

  title={Comment on "A path integral leading to higher-order Lagrangians, arXiv:0708.4351 (hep-th)"},
  author={Ignacio Cortese and J. Antonio Gar{\'c}ıa},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
We show that the “e!ective Lagrangian” constructed in [1] is inconsistent with the exact result for the complete Lagrangian presented in [2]. We trace the origin of the inconsistence to the peculiar way in which the path integral methods are used to eliminate variables that are not auxialiry. The new interest in noncommutative physics that comes from a low energy limit of string theory, quantum gravity and noncommutative geometry, has opened old questions in the study of generalized Poisson… 



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