Comment on"On the temperature dependence of the Casimir effect"

  title={Comment on"On the temperature dependence of the Casimir effect"},
  author={V.B.Bezerra and R.S.Decca and E.Fischbach and B.Geyer and G.L.Klimchitskaya and D.E.Krause and D.L'opez and V.M.Mostepanenko and C.Romero},
Recently, Brevik et al. [Phys. Rev. E 71, 056101 (2005)] adduced arguments against the traditional approach to the thermal Casimir force between real metals and in favor of one of the alternative approaches. The latter assumes zero contribution from the transverse electric mode at zero frequency in qualitative disagreement with unity as given by the thermal quantum field theory for ideal metals. Those authors claim that their approach is consistent with experiments as well as with… 
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