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Comment les Égyptiens du début de la XVIIIe dynastie désignaient les Kouchites et leurs alliés

  title={Comment les {\'E}gyptiens du d{\'e}but de la XVIIIe dynastie d{\'e}signaient les Kouchites et leurs alli{\'e}s},
  author={Dominique Valbelle},
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Life in the new kingdom town of Sai island: some new perspectives

Current fieldwork in the Pharaonic town upon Sai Island is focusing both on living conditions and on the general layout of the town during the New Kingdom. The present paper summarises results of the

Architecture, Power, and Communication: Case Studies from Ancient Nubia

Monumental architectural remains are among the most impressive relics of the ancient civilizations. Of course, this is also true for ancient northeast Africa. In this contribution, monumental

The pharaonic town on Sai Island and its role in the urban landscape of New Kingdom Kush

Introduction The region of so-called Upper Nubia (Kush), in particular the area between the Second and the Third Cataracts, is rich in archaeological remains and monuments datable to the New Kingdom.

The New Kingdom in Nubia: New results from current excavations on Sai Island

Settlement patterns in Nubia (northern Sudan) in the 2nd Millennium BC are currently investigated by diverse archaeological missions. This new fieldwork will potentially contribute to a better