Comm Sorts Robo to Control Axon Guidance at the Drosophila Midline

  title={Comm Sorts Robo to Control Axon Guidance at the Drosophila Midline},
  author={Krystyna Keleman and S. Rajagopalan and Diana Cleppien and David Teis and Karin Paiha and Lukas A. Huber and Gerhard Martin Technau and Barry J. Dickson},
Axon growth across the Drosophila midline requires Comm to downregulate Robo, the receptor for the midline repellent Slit. We show here that comm is required in neurons, not in midline cells as previously thought, and that it is expressed specifically and transiently in commissural neurons. Comm acts as a sorting receptor for Robo, diverting it from the synthetic to the late endocytic pathway. A conserved cytoplasmic LPSY motif is required for endosomal sorting of Comm in vitro and for Comm to… CONTINUE READING
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