Coming to terms

  title={Coming to terms},
  author={J. L. Heilbron},
Caloric, cathode, curium and quark — coinage from the mint of science. 
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Smelling of roses?
A response to What's in a name? By Gregory Petsko, Genome Biology 2002, 3:comment 1005.1-1005.2.
The koiné of science: Interdisciplinarity and Mediation
  • I. Kasavin
  • Art
    Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • 2017
An attempt is made to define a way of solving the problem of incoordination between the main needs of scientific and technological development, on the one hand, and the deficit of the new scientific
Astrophysics in 2002
This has been the Year of the Baryon. Some low temperature ones were seen at high redshift, some high temperature ones were seen at low redshift, and some cooling ones were (probably) reheated.
The etymology of ionics
The term “ion” has been introduced in science by M. Faraday in 1834 following a suggestion by W. Whewell who liked to use Greek words or word combinations to describe the new findings in several