Coming to power: women's fake orgasms and best orgasm experiences illuminate the failures of (hetero)sex and the pleasures of connection

  title={Coming to power: women's fake orgasms and best orgasm experiences illuminate the failures of (hetero)sex and the pleasures of connection},
  author={Breanne Fahs},
  journal={Culture, Health \& Sexuality},
  pages={974 - 988}
  • Breanne Fahs
  • Published 30 July 2014
  • Psychology
  • Culture, Health & Sexuality
While some literature has explored women's sexual satisfaction and, to a lesser degree, women's faking orgasm experiences, little research has examined the context and conditions around women's best and most memorable orgasms. This paper utilised thematic analysis of qualitative data from a community sample of 20 women in the USA (mean age = 34 years, SD = 13.35 years) from a wide range of racial, socioeconomic, and sexual identity backgrounds to illuminate their experiences with fake or… 

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Many women report faking orgasm, at least on occasion, during heterosex (i.e., heterosexual sexual activities). The reasons for the practice include validating the skill of a male lover, a way of

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Women faking orgasm has been identified as a common and widespread practice, particularly in the context of heterosexual sex. While feigning pleasure has been the subject of extensive scholarly

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ABSTRACT Limited research on feigning orgasm, particularly among men, exists, and even less investigates motivations for doing so. Further, whether feigning orgasm, and motivations for feigning

Sexuality, pleasure, power, and danger: Points of tension, contradiction, and conflict. APA Handbook of the Psychology of Women: Vol. 1. History, Theory, and Battlegrounds, C. B. Travis and J. W. White (Editors-in-Chief ) Copyright © 2018 by the

Performing (heterosexual) femininity: female agency and role in sexual life and contraceptive use – a qualitative study in Australia

It is found that women performed their femininity by focusing on enabling their male partner’s pleasure, while simultaneously ignoring their own sexual desires, wishes or interests.

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Black women experience persistent sexual pain that may often last longer than White women. Despite the value of sexual communication to alleviate sexual pain concerns, many women do not disclose

Mobilizing Metaphor: Considering Complexities, Contradictions, and Contexts in Adolescent Girls’ and Young Women’s Sexual Agency

With clarity and elegance, Bay-Cheng (2015) has provided a solid articulation of how neoliberalism has infiltrated the sexual lives of many girls and young women. Without question, research in the



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Although conventional wisdom holds that women in the United states today are more sexually liberated than ever before, a number of startling statistics call into question this perceived victory: over

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Five main themes demonstrate the complex and contradictory meanings around orgasm, and reveal meaning to be dependent on situation and context, and resonate strongly with widespread discourses of sexuality that prioritize heterosexual coitus, orgasm,and orgasm reciprocity.

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It is increasingly taken for granted that `successful heterosexuality' is contingent upon having a `normal' and `healthy' sex life. The recent popularity of the diagnostic label `Female Sexual

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This article presents a feminist discursive analysis of orgasm, focusing on the transcripts from discussions with women and men in Aotearoa/New Zealand regarding the meanings that attach to (hetero)

Enhancing relationships: understanding the feminine mystique of pretending orgasm.

The findings indicate that those females who have ever pretended orgasm became sexually active at a younger age and have been more sexually explorative than those Females who have not pretended orgasm.

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This article explores the possibility of developing a feminist approach to gendered and sexual embodiment which is rooted in the pragmatist/interactionist tradition derived from G.H. Mead, but which

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To better understand the relation of feminist identification to sexuality, we compared the attitudes of feminist, egalitarian, and nonfeminist undergraduate women (N = 342) in five domains: (a)

Social Representations of Female Orgasm

The results indicate that orgasm is deemed the goal of sex with emphasis on its physiological dimension, however, the women and the magazines graft onto this scientifically driven representation the importance of relational and emotive aspects of orgasm.