Coming to America: multiple origins of New World geckos.

  title={Coming to America: multiple origins of New World geckos.},
  author={T Gamble and Aaron M Bauer and Guarino R Colli and Eli Greenbaum and Todd R. Jackman and Laurie J. Vitt and Andrew M. Simons},
  journal={Journal of evolutionary biology},
  volume={24 2},
Geckos in the Western Hemisphere provide an excellent model to study faunal assembly at a continental scale. We generated a time-calibrated phylogeny, including exemplars of all New World gecko genera, to produce a biogeographical scenario for the New World geckos. Patterns of New World gecko origins are consistent with almost every biogeographical scenario utilized by a terrestrial vertebrate with different New World lineages showing evidence of vicariance, dispersal via temporary land bridge… CONTINUE READING
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