Coming out: Examining how undocumented students critically navigate status disclosure processes.

  title={Coming out: Examining how undocumented students critically navigate status disclosure processes.},
  author={Syed sami Raza and Lydia A. Saravia and Dalal Katsiaficas},
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“It Wasn’t Only the Pandemic:” A Collaborative Autoethnography of Latinx Women in Higher Education Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic in Rapidly Shifting Immigration Contexts

ABSTRACT This presents a collaborative autoethnography to examine the impact of COVID-19 and concurrent shifting immigration policy on Latinx undocumented women in higher education. The authors

Dreambuilders: Undocucompetence Among Educators In The North Carolina Community College System

Previous research studies have demonstrated the impact of validation by institutional agents, on the success of undocumented students. How do community college educators within NC provide support and



Undocumented and Unafraid: Understanding the Disclosure Management Process for Undocumented College Students and Graduates

Abstract:Previous qualitative studies on undocumented college students have primarily focused on their lived experiences; however, little research has been done to consider the disclosure process or

Liminal Legality: Salvadoran and Guatemalan Immigrants' Lives in the United

This article examines the effects of an uncertain legal status on the lives of immigrants, situating their experiences within frameworks of citizenship/belonging and segmented assimilation, and using

Undocumented Students’ Experiences with Microaggressions during Their College Choice Process

Background/Context Although millions of undocumented students are enrolled in and guaranteed free public K—12 education, their postsecondary education opportunities are stifled. Some of the barriers

Intersectional Identities and the Politics of Altruistic Care in a Low-Income, Urban Community

The literatures on the ways in which social identity and social position (e.g., gender, class, race) inform altruism have developed orthogonally. In this community-based qualitative study we use

Undocumented Undergraduates on College Campuses: Understanding Their Challenges and Assets and What It Takes to Make an Undocufriendly Campus

In this article, Carola Suarez-Orozco and colleagues investigate how to improve undocumented undergraduate student experiences across a variety of US campuses. The authors draw on a national survey

Examining Undocumented Latino/a Student Interactions With Faculty and Institutional Agents

This study explored the experiences of nine undocumented Latino/a students and their perception of interactions with faculty and institutional agents at a predominantly White institution (PWI). Using

Counterstories of college persistence by undocumented Mexicana students: navigating race, class, gender, and legal status

This paper draws from four sets of four in‐depth interviews and one subsequent focus group to examine how undocumented Mexicana students navigate identities and the meanings of race, gender, class,