Coming of Age in Samoa

  title={Coming of Age in Samoa},
  author={Robert G. Bernreuter and Margaret . Mead}
Exploring the creation of values through waste management in poor communities as an alternative to waste externalization : participative research examples showing collaborative learning in India, Bolivia and Brazil
Cette recherche explore la capacite des communautes pauvres de pays en developpement a concevoir et mettre en œuvre des solutions sanitaires durables. Elle s'inscrit dans un cadre theorique quiExpand
Position, commission and production : a self-reflexive investigation into the generation of ethnographic knowledge through documentary production for BBC Alba
This thesis takes as its object of study issues emerging from the synthesis of documentary practice and theoretical discourse. Its context is formed by the production of four published worksExpand
Adolescent Perceptions and Beliefs of Proactive-Reactive Aggression Explored Through the Social Information Processing Model of Aggression.
Human aggression is a frequently studied aspect of human behavior. Although great strides have been made not one single theory can fully explain the complexity of aggression. The Social InformationExpand
An example of cross-pollination in social sciences: A comparative case study on capability development in contemporary Serbia
This article provides short introduction to the anthropological notion of culture. The concepts of Lifelong Education (LLE) and Lifelong Learning (LLL) as fields of practice are also underExpand
On Internationalizing Counseling Psychology:
As a cultural anthropologist, as a native and citizen of France who has lived more than 35 years in the United States, as professor, and as chair of a Department of International and TransculturalExpand
Societal Response to Developmental Differences and Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Outcomes
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Leisure's Anthropology and the Anthropology of Leisure: The Coverage of Anthropology in Leisure Texts and Leisure in Anthropology Texts
Introductory textbooks often provide students with much of the information about a subject that they will ever encounter during their educational careers or form part of the foundation of theirExpand
Experiential citizen education for early adolescents : a model
Citizen education for adolescents has been judged ineffective for the most part because an academic orientation has failed to foster participatory citizenship. Recent research in the politicalExpand
(Trans)Gender Role Expectations and Child Care in Samoa
It is hypothesized that Samoans hold unique transgender role expectations such that fa'afafine are expected to invest more toward nieces and nephews compared to others, not consistent with the transgender role expectation hypothesis. Expand


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