Coming of Age in Samoa; a Psychological Study of Primitive Youth for Western Civilization

  title={Coming of Age in Samoa; a Psychological Study of Primitive Youth for Western Civilization},
  author={M. Mead},
Negotiating Sexuality: Adolescent Initiation Rituals and Cultural Change in Rural Southern Tanzania
By MEGHAN COLLEEN HALLEY This dissertation examines of multiple factors shaping adolescent sexuality within the rapidly changing context of rural Mtwara, Tanzania. Rural Mtwara provides aExpand
A Song for My Supper
This essay tries to be true to a podium talk I presented at a conference in March, 2008. But, of necessity, certain consolidation liberties are taken. Beginning with a brief and broad treatment ofExpand
Culturing the adolescent brain: what can neuroscience learn from anthropology?
  • S. Choudhury
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Social cognitive and affective neuroscience
  • 2010
This article uses the example of the adolescent brain to discuss three aspects of culture that may help to shape and reframe questions, interpretations and applications in cultural neuroscience: cultural contingencies of categories, cultural differences in experience and cultural context of neuroscience research. Expand
“Arapesh Warfare”: Reo Fortune's Veiled Critique of Margaret Mead's Sex and Temperament
ABSTRACT  In Sex and Temperament (1935), Margaret Mead depicted the Mountain Arapesh as a nurturing, peace-loving people. But Mead's second husband and fieldwork partner, Reo Fortune, disagreed withExpand
Identity Studies: How Close Are We to Developing a Social Science of Identity?—An Appraisal of the Field
This article presents a “tree-tops” overview of the field of Identity Studies with an eye to identifying (a) the commonalities that stimulate scholars to organize their work around the concept ofExpand
A companion to African American history
A Call for Greater Attention to Culture in the Study of Brain and Development
An overview of the current state of developmental cognitive neuroscience with respect to its attention to cultural issues is presented and an emerging interdisciplinary approach—developmental cultural neuroscience—the intersection of developmental psychology, cultural psychology, and cognitive neuroscience is highlighted. Expand
Male initiation and circumcision - A South African perspective
Coming of age in neoliberal New York
When Horizons Do Not Merge
Gadamer claims that the horizons of the listener and the narrator merge and create a new understanding of the narrative’s meaning. This study examines encounters between researcher and informant inExpand