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  • Published 2005 in Acta Neurochirurgica


July 7-13, 1985, Toronto, Canada. 8th International Congress of Neurological Surgery "The State of the Art". Free communicat ions-Topics: 1. Management of chronic non-malignant pain (DREZ/psychosurgery/stimulators/implants). 2. Spinal cord injuries---current state of aggressive medical and surgical treatment. 3. Management of AVMS. 4. New technology in the O.R.--personal experience and thoughts (e.g. Cavitron, Laser, new clips). 5. Cerebral ischemia--medical and surgical treatment. 6. Management of head injuries. 7. Management of vasospasm. 8. Management of neurovascular compression syndromes. 9. Current research in malignant glioma treatment. 10. Management of pineal tumours. 11. Spinal manipulation. 12. Tumours of the skull base. 13. Operative exposure of brachial plexus and peripheral nerves. Luncheon Seminar Topics: 1. Surgical versus medical treatment for pituitary adenomas. 2. Spinal cord injuries--use of aggressive surgical treatment. 3. Management of syringomyelia. 4. Management of malignant glioma. 5. Management of low-grade astrocytoma. 6. Surgery for epilepsy. 7. Posterior circulation ischemia. 8. Anterior circulation ischemia. 9. Management of c.c. fistulas. 10. Management of acoustic tumours. 11. Technical aspects of carotid endarterectomy--the place of the shunt, patch and EEG. 12. Benign intracranial hypertension. 13. Management of orbital tumours. 14. Management of spasticity. 15. Management of posterior fossa tumours in children. 16. Management of spinal cord tumours in children. 17. Management ofneurosurgical complications of TB. 18. Neurologic aspects of cerebral ischemia. 19. Craniocerebral injuries. 20. Brain Death. 21. Ethical and Moral Considerations in Neurosurgery. Deadline for abstract submission: September 1, 1984. Informations: Alan R. Hudson, M.D., Congress President, Division of Neurosurgery, 38 Shuter Street, Toronto, Ontario M5B 1A6, Canada.

DOI: 10.1007/BF01413286

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