Coming Out Ratchet and Whole: Black Women and the Struggle to Just Be

  title={Coming Out Ratchet and Whole: Black Women and the Struggle to Just Be},
  author={Nikki Lane},
  journal={The Black Queer Work of Ratchet},
  • Nikki Lane
  • Published 2019
  • History
  • The Black Queer Work of Ratchet
Black women’s bodies and lives are subject to particular, daily forms of scrutiny in American society. This scrutiny happens at all levels of Black women’s existence and happens in both “private” and “public” domains. The realm of reality television and the vlogs, Tweets, and gossip blogs which revolve around the lives of their casts, offer a glimpse into the way that scrutiny is commodified. Combining the melodrama of soap opera with the potential for ratchet verbal jousting and even violent… 


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