Comet on target for Jupiter

  title={Comet on target for Jupiter},
  author={C. Chapman},
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'The moon quivered like a snake': A medieval chronicler, lunar explosions, and a puzzle for modern interpretation.
Examination of Gervase of Canterbury's chronicle relating to eclipses concludes that, despite there being descriptions of miracles elsewhere in the manuscript, he himself was a reliable reporter of astronomical events, consistent with twenty-first century lunar studies. Expand
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Fragmentation of a small celestial body entering the atmosphere of a planet
The interaction of a small celestial body passing through the atmosphere of a planet is considered. Equations of aerodynamic deceleration of the body and condition of its fragmentation are obtained.Expand
This paper discusses topics that have recently been of interest in ocean acoustic inverse problems, including remote sensing and localization problems, as well as techniques for solving global-scale acoustics problems and forward problems. Expand
The meteor physics of the SL9-Jupiter collision
Abstract The collision of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 with Jupiter is essentially a problem of meteor physics. From the basic equations of meteor physics we derive, for the fragments, the height profilesExpand
Impacts into oceans and seas
Impacts of cosmic bodies into oceans and seas lead to the formation of very high waves. Numerical simulations of 3-km and 1-km comets impacting into a 4 km depth ocean with a velocity of 20 km/secExpand
A critical review on the dynamics of Jovian atmospheres.
The refractive index analysis is suggested to interpret the coherent structures like Jupiter's Great Red Spot in terms of Charney-Drazin constraint based on the observations. Expand
Maxwell’s Silver Hammer A String of Pearls Strikes Jupiter
Little did I know when I started this book about comets and impacts in summer 1992 that a string of comets would smash into Jupiter around publication time. In July 1994 on the twenty-fifthExpand
Observations of comet impact by reflections from the Galilean satellites
Results of observations of the Galilean satellites during the week of the impact of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 on Jupiter are reported. These observations have been carried out at the Pico dos DiasExpand