Comet-like mineralogy of olivine crystals in an extrasolar proto-Kuiper belt

  title={Comet-like mineralogy of olivine crystals in an extrasolar proto-Kuiper belt},
  author={B. D. Vries and B. Acke and J. Blommaert and C. Waelkens and L. Waters and B. Vandenbussche and M. Min and G. Olofsson and C. Dominik and L. Decin and M. Barlow and A. Brandeker and J. D. Francesco and A. Glauser and J. Greaves and P. Harvey and W. Holland and R. Ivison and R. Liseau and E. Pantin and G. Pilbratt and P. Royer and B. Sibthorpe},
  • B. D. Vries, B. Acke, +20 authors B. Sibthorpe
  • Published 2012
  • Physics, Geology, Medicine
  • Nature
  • Some planetary systems harbour debris disks containing planetesimals such as asteroids and comets. Collisions between such bodies produce small dust particles, the spectral features of which reveal their composition and, hence, that of their parent bodies. A measurement of the composition of olivine crystals (Mg2−2xFe2xSiO4) has been done for the protoplanetary disk HD 100546 (refs 3, 4) and for olivine crystals in the warm inner parts of planetary systems. The latter compares well with the… CONTINUE READING
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