Comet assay in neonatal sepsis.


OBJECTIVE To determine whether the DNA damage detected using the Comet assay helps in the diagnosis of neonatal sepsis METHODS Sepsis was diagnosed, based on clinical findings, laboratory findings and positive culture results, in 24 of the 48 newborns who participated in the study. Hematological parameters, baseline demographic data and genotoxic evaluation were investigated. RESULTS There were no significant differences in hematological, demographic and genotoxic data between cases and controls. CONCLUSIONS The Comet assay proved to be ineffective in the diagnosis of neonatal sepsis.

DOI: 10.1007/s12098-010-0127-9

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@article{Carvalho2010CometAI, title={Comet assay in neonatal sepsis.}, author={Nat{\'a}lia C Carvalho and Rozilda L de Souza and Felipe Dal-Pizzol and Vanessa Moraes de Andrade}, journal={Indian journal of pediatrics}, year={2010}, volume={77 8}, pages={875-7} }