Comentarios sobre la cosmovisión científica en Mariano Artigas

  title={Comentarios sobre la cosmovisi{\'o}n cient{\'i}fica en Mariano Artigas},
  author={H. Mancini},
  journal={Scientia et Fides},
  • H. Mancini
  • Published 2014
  • Sociology
  • Scientia et Fides
Some concepts widely used in science are fundamental keys in the work of Mariano Artigas. Words like ‘order’, ‘dynamism’, ‘activity’, ‘chaos’, ‘randomness’, ‘patterns’, ‘structure’, ‘emergence’ or ‘complexity’, which are also used in other fields of thinking, have been used to build M. Artigas’ worldview. From this point of view, he presents the existence of philosophical bridges to overcome the methodological gaps between science and religion. Since the years in which Artigas wrote his work up… Expand
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