Comedogenicity of squalene monohydroperoxide in the skin after topical application.

  title={Comedogenicity of squalene monohydroperoxide in the skin after topical application.},
  author={Katsuyoshi Chiba and Kenichi Yoshizawa and Isao Makino and Kazuyoshi Kawakami and Masaharu Onoue},
  journal={The Journal of toxicological sciences},
  volume={25 2},
The comedogenicity of squalene peroxides was examined on the rabbit ear skin after topical application of squalene-monohydroperoxide (Sq-OOH), the initial product when squalene was irradiated with UV-A. Since comedogenic products from UV-irradiated squalene were extracted with methanol solution, we isolated Sq-OOH by reverse-phased HPLC with a methanol mobile phase solvent. The degree of comedogenic reaction induced by Sq-OOH was higher than that of well-known comedogenic cosmetic ingredients… CONTINUE READING
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