Combustion, performance, and emission analysis of diesel engine fueled with water-biodiesel emulsion fuel and nanoadditive

  title={Combustion, performance, and emission analysis of diesel engine fueled with water-biodiesel emulsion fuel and nanoadditive},
  author={Suresh Vellaiyan and Arunkumar Subbiah and Prabha Chockalingam},
  journal={Environmental Science and Pollution Research},
The present study is aimed to analyze the combustion, performance, and emission characteristics of water-emulsified soybean biodiesel fueled diesel engine with alumina nanoadditive and the results compared with conventional diesel fuel (BD). Experiments were conducted in a single-cylinder, four-stroke, variable compression ratio, and natural aspirated diesel engine with an eddy current dynamometer at a constant speed of 1500 rpm. Water-soybean biodiesel emulsion fuel was prepared using a… 

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