Combining states without scale hierarchies with ordered parton showers

  title={Combining states without scale hierarchies with ordered parton showers},
  author={Nadine Fischer and Stefan Prestel},
  journal={The European Physical Journal C},
We present a parameter-free scheme to combine fixed-order multi-jet results with parton-shower evolution. The scheme produces jet cross sections with leading-order accuracy in the complete phase space of multiple emissions, resumming large logarithms when appropriate, while not arbitrarily enforcing ordering on momentum configurations beyond the reach of the parton-shower evolution equation. This requires the development of a matrix-element correction scheme for complex phase-spaces including… 

Efficient Multi-Jet Merging at High Multiplicities

This work presents an extension of the CKKW-L multi-jet merging technique to so-called sector showers as implemented in the Vincia antenna shower, and reduces the factorial scaling of the number of parton shower histories to a constant of a single history per colour-ordered final state.

Final-state QED multipole radiation in antenna parton showers

A bstractWe present a formalism for a fully coherent QED parton shower. The complete multipole structure of photonic radiation is incorporated in a single branching kernel. The regular on-shell 2 → 3

HYTREES: combining matrix elements and parton shower for hypothesis testing

We present a new way of performing hypothesis tests on scattering data, by means of a perturbatively calculable classifier. This classifier exploits the “history tree” of how the measured data point

Sector showers for hadron collisions

In conventional parton showers (including ones based on dipoles/antennae), a given (Born + m )-parton configuration can typically be reached via O ( m !) different “shower histories”. In the context

Creating Unique Parton Shower Histories with Sector Showers

In conventional parton showers (including ones based on dipoles/antennae), a given $(\mathrm{Born}+m)$-parton configuration can typically be reached via ${\mathcal O}(m!)$ different "shower

Helicity antenna showers for hadron colliders

We present a complete set of helicity-dependent $$2\rightarrow 3$$2→3 antenna functions for QCD initial- and final-state radiation. The functions are implemented in the Vincia shower Monte Carlo

Leading-color fully differential two-loop soft corrections to QCD dipole showers

We compute the next-to-leading-order corrections to soft-gluon radiation differentially in the one-emission phase space. We show that their contribution to the evolution of color dipoles can be

Scale and scheme variations in unitarized NLO merging

Precision background predictions with well-defined uncertainty estimates are important for interpreting collider-physics measurements and for planning future high-energy collider experiments. It is



QCD matrix elements + parton showers. The NLO case

A bstractWe present a process-independent technique to consistently combine next-to-leading order parton-level calculations of varying jet multiplicity and parton showers. Double counting is avoided

Combining higher-order resummation with multiple NLO calculations and parton showers in GENEVA

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A bstractWe present a parton shower which implements the DGLAP evolution of parton densities and fragmentation functions at next-to-leading order precision up to effects stemming from local

Matching tree-level matrix elements with interleaved showers

A bstractWe present an implementation of the so-called Ckkw-l merging scheme for combining multi-jet tree-level matrix elements with parton showers. The implementation uses the

Higher-order corrections to timelike jets

We present a simple formalism for the evolution of timelike jets in which tree-level matrix element corrections can be systematically incorporated, up to arbitrary parton multiplicities and over all

QCD Matrix Elements + Parton Showers

We propose a method for combining QCD matrix elements and parton showers in Monte Carlo simulations of hadronic flnal states in e + e i annihilation. The matrix element and parton shower domains are

Controlling inclusive cross sections in parton shower + matrix element merging

A bstractWe propose an extension of matrix element plus parton shower merging at tree level to preserve inclusive cross sections obtained from the merged and showered sample. Implementing this

Extending CKKW-merging to One-Loop Matrix Elements

We extend earlier schemes for merging tree-level matrix elements with parton showers to include also merging with one-loop matrix elements. In this paper we make a first study on how to include

Merging multi-leg NLO matrix elements with parton showers

A bstractWe discuss extensions of multi-jet matrix element and parton shower merging approaches, to also include next-to-leading order accuracy. Specifically, we generalise the so-called CKKW-L