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Combining pitch-based inference and non-negative spectrogram factorization in separating vocals from polyphonic music

  title={Combining pitch-based inference and non-negative spectrogram factorization in separating vocals from polyphonic music},
  author={T. Virtanen and A. Mesaros and M. Ryyn{\"a}nen},
  • T. Virtanen, A. Mesaros, M. Ryynänen
  • Published in SAPA@INTERSPEECH 2008
  • Computer Science
  • This paper proposes a novel algorithm for separating vocals from polyphonic music accompaniment. Based on pitch estimation, the method first creates a binary mask indicating timefrequency segments in the magnitude spectrogram where harmonic content of the vocal signal is present. Second, nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF) is applied on the non-vocal segments of the spectrogram in order to learn a model for the accompaniment. NMF predicts the amount of noise in the vocal segments, which… CONTINUE READING
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