Combining Text and Formula Queries in Math Information Retrieval: Evaluation of Query Results Merging Strategies

  title={Combining Text and Formula Queries in Math Information Retrieval: Evaluation of Query Results Merging Strategies},
  author={Martin L{\'i}ska and Petr Sojka and Michael Ruzicka},
  journal={Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Novel Web Search Interfaces and Systems},
  • Martin Líska, Petr Sojka, M. Ruzicka
  • Published 8 August 2015
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Novel Web Search Interfaces and Systems
Specific to Math Information Retrieval is combining text with mathematical formulae both in documents and in queries. Rigorous evaluation of query expansion and merging strategies combining math and standard textual keyword terms in a query are given. It is shown that techniques similar to those known from textual query processing may be applied in math information retrieval as well, and lead to a cutting edge performance. Striping and merging partial results from subqueries is one technique… 
A Formula Embedding Approach to Math Information Retrieval
Promising performance, under moderately constrained situation, substantiates competence of the proposed approach to formula embedding to scientific document retrieval.
Mathematical Information Retrieval Trends and Techniques
This chapter discusses the recent advancement in formula-based search engines, various formula representation styles and indexing techniques, benefits of formula- based search engines in various future applications like plagiarism detection, math recommendation system, etc.
Math Indexer and Searcher under the Hood: Fine-tuning Query Expansion and Unification Strategies
This paper summarizes the experience of Math Information Retrieval team of Masaryk University with the NTCIR-12 MathIR arXiv Main Task and its subtasks and developed an evaluation platform based on NTCir-11 Math-2 Task relevance judgements.
MIaS: Math-Aware Retrieval in Digital Mathematical Libraries
This work has developed, and open-sourced the MIaS MIR system, a system based on the full-text search engine Apache Lucene that is both efficient, and effective, as evidenced by the NTCIR-11 Math-2 task.
Math-Aware Search Engines: Physics Applications and Overview
This review presents the existing math-aware search engines, discusses methods for maximizing their search success, and overviews their math-matching capabilities.
Retrieval of Scientific Documents Based on HFS and BERT
A retrieval method of scientific documents based on HFS (Hesitation Fuzzy Sets) and BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformer) is proposed, utilizing the advantages of HFS in multi-attribute decision making and Bert in context-dependent similarity calculation.
A Multimodal Retrieval and Ranking Method for Scientific Documents Based on HFS and XLNet
  • Meichao Yan, Yu Wen, Qingxuan Shi, Xuedong Tian
  • Scientific Programming
  • 2022
Aiming at the defects of traditional full-text retrieval models in dealing with mathematical expressions, which are special objects different from ordinary texts, a multimodal retrieval and ranking
Three is Better than One: Ensembling Math Information Retrieval Systems
A novel algorithm for ensembling information retrieval systems that outperformed all the authors' systems on task 1 and placed ninth out of the 23 competing submissions is developed.
NWSearch 2015: International Workshop on Novel Web Search Interfaces and Systems
The workshop seeks to identify some of the problems and challenges facing the development of such tools and interfaces and to flourish new ideas and findings that can shape or influence future research directions and developments.
A Survey on Retrieval of Mathematical Knowledge
We present a short survey of the literature on indexing and retrieval of mathematical knowledge, with pointers to 72 papers and tentative taxonomies of both retrieval problems and recurring


Math Indexer and Searcher Web Interface: Towards Fulfillment of Mathematicians' Information Needs
The design principles of WebMIaS, which allows queries to be expressed by mathematicians through a faceted search interface, and the issues addressed by formulae canonicalization and by extending the MIaS indexing engine with Content MathML support are described.
Math Indexer and Searcher under the Hood: History and Development of a Winning Strategy
The approach is the similarity search based on MathML Canonicalization and second generation of scalable full text search engine Math Indexer and Searcher (MIaS) with attested state-of-the-art information retrieval techniques.
The art of mathematics retrieval
The design and architecture of MIaS (Math Indexer and Searcher), a system for mathematics retrieval is presented, and design decisions are discussed. We argue for an approach based on Presentation
Encyclopedia of Database Systems
This comprehensive reference contains 1,300 illustrated entries, organized alphabetically, providing easy access to important concepts relevant information on all aspects of very large databases, data management, and database systems, including areas of current interest and research results of historical significance.
NTCIR-11 Math-2 Task Overview
An overview of the NTCIR-11 Math-2 Task is presented, which is dedicated to information access to mathematical content, and an introduction to the optional free Wikipedia subtask, a newly introduced mathematical retrieval task using Wikipedia articles.
Math-2 Task Overview
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