Combining Pati-Salam and flavour symmetries

  title={Combining Pati-Salam and flavour symmetries},
  author={Thorsten Feldmann and Florian Hartmann and Wolfgang Kilian and Christoph Luhn},
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A bstractWe construct an extension of the Standard Model (SM) which is based on grand unification with Pati-Salam symmetry. The setup is supplemented with the idea of spontaneous flavour symmetry breaking which is mediated through flavon fields with renormalizable couplings to new heavy fermions. While we argue that the new gauge bosons in this approach can be sufficiently heavy to be irrelevant at low energies, the fermionic partners of the SM quarks, in particular those for the third… 
Lepton-flavour violation in a Pati-Salam model with gauged flavour symmetry
A bstractCombining Pati-Salam (PS) and flavour symmetries in a renormalisable setup, we devise a scenario which produces realistic masses for the charged leptons. Flavoursymmetry breaking scalar
Renormalization group evolution of flavour invariants
A bstractThe fermion spectrum in the Standard Model (SM) exhibits hierarchical structures between the eigenvalues of the Yukawa matrices which determine the fermion masses, as well as certain
Approaching Minimal Flavour Violation from an SU(5) × S4 × U(1) SUSY GUT
A bstractWe show how approximate Minimal Flavour Violation (MFV) can emerge from an SU(5) Supersymmetric Grand Unified Theory (SUSY GUT) supplemented by an S4 × U(1) family symmetry, which provides a
SO(10) × S4 grand unified theory of flavour and leptogenesis
A bstractWe propose a Grand Unified Theory of Flavour, based on SO(10) together with a non-Abelian discrete group S4, under which the unified three quark and lepton 16-plets are unified into a single
Phenomenological Implications of an S4 x SU(5) SUSY GUT of Flavour
We discuss the low energy phenomenological implications of an SU(5) Supersymmetric Grand Unified Theory (SUSY GUT) whose flavour structure is controlled by the family symmetry S4 x U(1), which
A natural S4 × SO(10) model of flavour
A bstractWe propose a natural S4 × SO(10) supersymmetric grand unified theory of flavour with an auxiliary ℤ42×ℤ4R$$ {\mathbb{Z}}_4^2\times {\mathbb{Z}}_4^R $$ symmetry, based on small Higgs
Novel collider and dark matter phenomenology of a top-philic Z′
A bstractWe consider extending the Standard Model by including an additional Abelian gauge group broken at low energies under which the right-handed top quark is the only effectively charged Standard
Phenomenological implications of an SU(5)×S$_4$×U(1) SUSY GUT of flavor
We discuss the characteristic low energy phenomenological implications of an $SU(5)$ supersymmetric (SUSY) grand unified theory whose flavor structure is controlled by the family symmetry
Gravitational Imprints of Flavor Hierarchies.
It is pointed out that the observation of a multipeaked stochastic gravitational wave signal from a series of cosmological phase transitions could well be a unique probe of the mechanism behind flavor hierarchies.


Multiple scales in Pati-Salam unification models
A bstractWe investigate models where gauge unification (GUT) proceeds in steps that include Pati-Salam symmetry. Beyond the Standard Model, we allow for a well-defined set of small representations of
Gauged flavour symmetry for the light generations
A bstractWe study the phenomenology of a model where an SU(2)3 flavour symmetry acting on the first two generation quarks is gauged and Yukawa couplings for the light generations are generated by a
Models of extended Pati-Salam gauge symmetry.
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Two interesting symmetry-breaking patterns are analyzed: one leading to the theory of SU(5) color at an intermediate scale, the other to the quark-lepton symmetric model.
The Pati‐Salam Supersymmetric SM (PSSSM)
Grand Unified Theories based on an E6 gauge group embed all Higgs‐ and matter fields within one 27 dimensional fundamental representation. In addition each 27 contains a right handed neutrino, an
Gauged flavor, supersymmetry and grand unification
I review a recent work on gauged flavor with left-right symmetry, where all masses and all Yukawa couplings owe their origin to spontaneous flavor symmetry breaking. This is suggested as a precursor
The interplay between GUT and flavour symmetries in a Pati-Salam × S4 model
Both Grand Unified symmetries and discrete flavour symmetries are appealing ways to describe apparent structures in the gauge and flavour sectors of the Standard Model. Both symmetries put
Goldstone bosons in effective theories with spontaneously broken flavour symmetry
The flavour symmetry of the Standard Model (SM) gauge sector is broken by the fermion Yukawa couplings. Promoting the Yukawa matrices to scalar spurion fields, one can break the flavour symmetry
Composite-technicolor standard model
On The Potential Of Minimal Flavour Violation
Assuming the Minimal Flavour Violation hypothesis, we derive the general scalar potential for fields whose background values are the Yukawa couplings. We analyze the minimum of the potential and