Combined topographical and chemical micropatterns for templating neuronal networks.

  title={Combined topographical and chemical micropatterns for templating neuronal networks.},
  author={Jiayi Zhang and Sowmya Venkataramani and Heng Xu and Yoon-Kyu Song and Hyun-Kon Song and G. Tayhas R. Palmore and Justin R. Fallon and Arto V. Nurmikko},
  volume={27 33},
In vitro neuronal networks with geometrically defined features are desirable for studying long-term electrical activity within the neuron assembly and for interfacing with external microelectronic circuits. In standard cultures, the random spatial distribution and overlap of neurites makes this aim difficult; hence, many recent efforts have been made on creating patterned cellular circuits. Here, we present a novel method for creating a planar neural network that is compatible with optical… CONTINUE READING

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