Combined rod and cone transduction by adeno-associated virus 2/8.

  title={Combined rod and cone transduction by adeno-associated virus 2/8.},
  author={Anna Manfredi and Elena Marrocco and Agostina Puppo and Giulia Cesi and Andrea Sommella and Michele Della Corte and Settimio Rossi and Massimo Giunti and Cheryl Mae Craft and Maria Laura Bacci and Francesca Simonelli and Enrico Maria Surace and Alberto Auricchio},
  journal={Human gene therapy},
  volume={24 12},
Gene transfer to both cone and rod photoreceptors (PRs) is essential for gene therapy of inherited retinal degenerations that are caused by mutations in genes expressed in both PR types. Vectors based on the adeno-associated virus (AAV) efficiently transduce PRs of different species. However, these are predominantly rods and little is known about the ability of the AAV to transduce cones in combination with rods. Here we show that AAV2/8 transduces pig cones to levels that are similar to AAV2/9… CONTINUE READING


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