Combined hepatocellular cholangiocarcinoma: Controversies to be addressed.

  title={Combined hepatocellular cholangiocarcinoma: Controversies to be addressed.},
  author={An-Qiang Wang and Yong-Chang Zheng and Juan Du and Cheng-Pei Zhu and Han-Chun Huang and Shan-shan Wang and Liang-Cai Wu and Xue-Shuai Wan and Hao-Hai Zhang and Ruo-yu Miao and Xin-ting Sang and Hai-tao Zhao},
  journal={World journal of gastroenterology},
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Combined hepatocellular cholangiocarcinoma (CHC) accounts for 0.4%-14.2% of primary liver cancer cases and possesses pathological features of both hepatocellular carcinoma and cholangiocarcinoma. Since this disease was first described and classified in 1949, the classification of CHC has continuously evolved. The latest definition and classification of CHC by the World Health Organization is based on the speculation that CHC arises from hepatic progenitor cells. However, there is no evidence… CONTINUE READING