Combined esophageal and duodenal atresia: experience of 18 patients.

  title={Combined esophageal and duodenal atresia: experience of 18 patients.},
  author={L. Spitz and Mehmet Ali and Russell J L Brereton},
  journal={Journal of pediatric surgery},
  volume={16 1},
An analysis of 18 infants with combined esophageal and duodenal atresia is presented. A total of 50 other associated anomalies were identified in the 18 infants. These predominantly involved the genitourinary (11), cardiac (9), anorectal (8), and gastrointestinal (8) systems. There were 6 early survivors (33% survival rate), 1 of whom died later from an unrelated cause. It is suggested that in an otherwise health infant the primary approach should be towards the esophageal atresia and… CONTINUE READING


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