Combined effect of bond and potential disorder in half-doped manganites.

  title={Combined effect of bond and potential disorder in half-doped manganites.},
  author={Sanjeev Kumar and Arno P. Kampf},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={100 7},
We analyze the effects of both bond and potential disorder in the vicinity of a first-order metal insulator transition in a two-band model for manganites using a real-space Monte Carlo method. Our results reveal a novel charge-ordered state coexisting with spin-glass behavior. We provide the basis for understanding the phase diagrams of half-doped manganites, and contrast the effects of bond and potential disorder and the combination of both. 
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1. Fundamental Features of CMR Manganites 2. Spin Dynamics and Electronic Structures 3. Materials Systematics and Lattice Effects 4. Tunnelling Magnetoresistance.
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