Combined congenital subaortic stenosis and infundibular pulmonary stenosis.


Coexistent congenital obstruction to both the right ventricular and left ventricular outflow tracts is rare. Only a few cases have been reported (Beard et al., 1957; Braunwald, 1959; Horlick and Merriman, 1957; Neufeld et al., 1960). Only two of about 800 specimens in the Mayo Clinic pathological collection of congenitally defective hearts represent this condition. It is the purpose of this communication to report these two cases.


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@article{Neufeld1960CombinedCS, title={Combined congenital subaortic stenosis and infundibular pulmonary stenosis.}, author={Henry N . Neufeld and Patrick A Ongley and Jesse E. Edwards}, journal={British heart journal}, year={1960}, volume={22}, pages={686-90} }