Combined cholecystectomy and radical genitourinary cancer surgery.

  title={Combined cholecystectomy and radical genitourinary cancer surgery.},
  author={B J DeBrock and Bradley E Davis and Mark J Noble and John W Weigel and Mark Austenfeld and W. K. Mebust},
  volume={41 2},
We have routinely performed simultaneous cholecystectomy in patients with cholelithiasis undergoing selected radical genitourinary cancer surgery. A total of 31 patients have undergone cholecystectomy at the time of radical nephrectomy (25), radical cystectomy (5), and radical prostatectomy (1). Operative time was increased twenty-five to forty-five minutes. There was no significant increase in blood loss, postoperative total bilirubin, or number of complications. No complications were directly… CONTINUE READING