Combined chemokine and cytokine gene transfer enhances antitumor immunity

  title={Combined chemokine and cytokine gene transfer enhances antitumor immunity},
  author={Dagmar Dilloo and Kevin Bacon and W. J. Holden and Wanyun Zhong and Stefan E. G. Burdach and Albert Zlotnik and Malcolm Brenner},
  journal={Nature Medicine},
The probability of producing a specific antitumor response should be increased by multiplying the number of T lymphocytes that encounter the malignant cells. We tested this prediction in a murine model, using a recently discovered T–cell chemokine, lymphotactin (Lptn). This chemokine increased tumor cell infiltration with CD4+ lymphocytes but generated little antitumor activity. Coexpression of the T–cell growth factor interleukin–2, however, greatly expanded the T lymphocytes attracted by Lptn… CONTINUE READING