Combined Experimental and Theoretical Investigations on Optical Activities of Möbius Aromatic and Möbius Antiaromatic Hexaphyrin Phosphorus Complexes.


Intrinsically chiral Möbius aromatic [28]hexaphyrin monophosphorus(V) and Möbius antiaromatic [30]hexaphyrin bisphosphorus(V) complexes have been optically resolved and their absolute configurations (ACs) were determined by combined experimental and theoretical investigations on their circular dichroisms (CDs). First elutes in chiral HPLC exhibited strong positive Cotton effects (CEs) at the B-band, characteristic for the ML configurations in their Möbius strips. Weak CEs at the Q-band, if attainable, complemented their AC assignment. The whole CD pattern and intensity were well reproduced by time-dependent approximate coupled cluster theory using model systems that omit five outward meso-aryl substituents (inward-meso-retained model), providing a solid basis for AC assignment. The cost efficient TD-DFT method with appropriate functionals for fully substituted (nontruncated) complexes well reproduced CEs around the B-band (but less satisfactory at the Q-band), also allows the rapid AC estimation for their Möbius strips. Observed difference in CDs between aromatic and antiaromatic hexaphyrins were better interpreted by their shifts in energy levels and altered interactions of relevant molecular orbitals, rather than small differences in Möbius geometries nor aromatic/antiaromatic character, despite the correlations recently claimed in planar π-systems.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpca.6b03978

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