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Combinatorics of 3D directed animals on a simple cubic lattice

  title={Combinatorics of 3D directed animals on a simple cubic lattice},
  author={Sergei Nechaev and M. V. Tamm},
  journal={arXiv: Statistical Mechanics},
We provide combinatorial arguments based on a two-dimensional extension of a locally-free semigroup allowing us to compute the growth rate, $\Lambda$, of the partition function $Z_N=N^{\theta}\Lambda^N$ of the $N$-particle directed animals ($N\gg 1$) on a simple cubic lattice in a three-dimensional space. Establishing the bijection between the particular configuration of the lattice animal and a class of equivalences of words in the 2D projective locally-free semigroup, we find we find $\ln… 

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Robust Point Set Registration Using Gaussian Mixture Models

  • B. JianB. Vemuri
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
  • 2011
This paper presents a unified framework for the rigid and nonrigid point set registration problem in the presence of significant amounts of noise and outliers, and shows that the popular iterative closest point (ICP) method and several existing point setRegistration methods in the field are closely related and can be reinterpreted meaningfully in this general framework.

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A simple, fast and robust algorithm based on random projections, which generates Bellman Error Basis Functions for sparse feature spaces, and proves that projections logarithmic in the dimension of the original space guarantee a contraction in the error.

Phaseless inverse scattering and the phase problem in optics

Two related problems are considered: (i) the inverse scattering problem for a potential V(x) supported on the half‐line {x≥0}, when the given data is ‖R−(k)‖, the amplitude of the reflection


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Statistical Properties of Locally Free Groups¶with Applications to Braid Groups¶and Growth of Random Heaps

Abstract: The main statistical characteristics of locally free groups: the growth, the drift and the entropy are considered and relations between them are established. Our results assert that: (i)

Lattice animals and heaps of dimers

Exact solution of a 1d asymmetric exclusion model using a matrix formulation

Several recent works have shown that the one-dimensional fully asymmetric exclusion model, which describes a system of particles hopping in a preferred direction with hard core interactions, can be

Exact Solution of a Directed-Site Animals-Enumeration Problem in three Dimensions.

An exact equivalence is established between the directed-site animals-enumeration (DSAE) problem in $d$ dimensions and a crystal-growth model defined on the same lattice. In special cases, the latter