Combinatorial hodge theory and signature operator

  title={Combinatorial hodge theory and signature operator},
  author={Nicolae Teleman},
  journal={Inventiones mathematicae},
This paper represents an detailed version of our paper [12] presented at the Hawaii Conference on the Geometry of the Laplace Operator, March 1979. In this paper we present the solution to the following problem posed by Singer in [8], w 4, concerning elliptical operators on PL-maifolds: "If M is a PL-manifold, the L-polynomials are still well defined (Thom [13]) from which one can still define the rational Pontrjagin classes. The Hirzebruch signature theorem still holds. Is there an associated… Expand
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  • From Differential Geometry to Non-commutative Geometry and Topology
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The index of signature operators on Lipschitz manifolds
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