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Combinatorial classification of $(\pm 1)$-skew projective spaces

  title={Combinatorial classification of \$(\pm 1)\$-skew projective spaces},
  author={Akihiro Higashitani and Kenta Ueyama},
The noncommutative projective scheme Projnc S of a (±1)-skew polynomial algebra S in n variables is considered to be a (±1)-skew projective space of dimension n−1. In this paper, using combinatorial methods, we give a classification theorem for (±1)-skew projective spaces. Specifically, among other equivalences, we prove that (±1)-skew projective spaces Projnc S and Projnc S ′ are isomorphic if and only if certain graphs associated to S and S′ are switching (or mutation) equivalent. We also… Expand


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