Combinatorial Algorithms: 31st International Workshop, IWOCA 2020, Bordeaux, France, June 8–10, 2020, Proceedings

  title={Combinatorial Algorithms: 31st International Workshop, IWOCA 2020, Bordeaux, France, June 8–10, 2020, Proceedings},
  author={Wen Gao and Gerhard J. Woeginger and Leszek Gąsieniec and Ralf Klasing},
  journal={Combinatorial Algorithms},
s of Invited Talks Optimization by Population: Large-Scale Distributed Optimization Via Population Protocols 
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The Space Complexity of Sum Labelling

It is shown that every n -vertex, m -edge, d -degenerate graph can be made a sum graph by adding at most m isolated vertices to it, such that the size of each vertex label is at most O ( n 2 d ), which enables us to store the graph using O ( m log n ) bits of memory.

Finding Geometric Representations of Apex Graphs is NP-Hard

It is shown that recognizing every graph class G which satisfies PURE-2-DIR ⊆ G⊆ 1-STRING is NP-hard, even when the input graphs are apex graphs, and the proof is much simpler and encapsulates several classes of geometric graphs.



Simplified Algorithmic Metatheorems Beyond MSO: Treewidth and Neighborhood Diversity

This paper settles the computational complexity of model checking of several extensions of the monadic second order (MSO) logic on two classes of graphs: graphs of bounded treewidth and graphs of

The Complexity of Independent Set Reconfiguration on Bipartite Graphs

We settle the complexity of the Independent Set Reconfiguration problem on bipartite graphs under all three commonly studied reconfiguration models. We show that under the token jumping or token

Partial Vertex Cover and Budgeted Maximum Coverage in Bipartite Graphs

Two closely related problems on bipartite graphs, viz., the partial vertex cover problem and the budgeted maximum coverage problem are studied.

Improved Performance of the Greedy Algorithm for Partial Cover

  • P. Slavík
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Packing non-returning A-paths algorithmically

  • G. Pap
  • Mathematics
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Packing directed circuits fractionally

There is a set ofO (k logk log k logk) vertices meeting all directed circuits ofG, such that no “fractional” packing of directed circuit ofG has value >k, when every vertex is given “capacity” 1.

Minimum feedback vertex sets in cocomparability graphs and convex bipartite graphs

Polynomial-time algorithms for the feedback vertex set problem in cocomparability graphs and convex bipartite graphs are presented and two algorithms for solving this problem are presented.

Bilevel programming and price setting problems

The main concepts, models and solution methods for this class of optimization problems which can be modeled as bilevel programs are presented.

A polynomial time approximation schema for maximum k-vertex cover in bipartite graphs

The paper presents a polynomial time approximation schema for the edge-weighted version of maximum k-vertex cover problem in bipartite graphs.

On induced matchings